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Reader: People With Money Get Offended and Money Talks?

Jolt's mural in progress at Crush Walls 2020.
Jolt's mural in progress at Crush Walls 2020. Kyle Harris
Crush Walls prides itself on being a censorship-free mural festival, and it's raised plenty of controversies over the years, both on the walls and off. Most recently, they involve the whitewashing of a 2020 painting created by Jolt on the American Bonded building.

In his piece, Jolt had blasted the RiNo Art District, street artist Pat Milbery and developer Ken Wolf for their role in gentrification, but all that's gone now. "Personally, it looks as if it was done in a hurry," says Jolt. "Whoever did it spilled paint all over the ground."

The culprit has not been identified, but in comments on the Westword Facebook post of our Jolt mural vandalism story, readers raise a number of suspicions. Says Chase:
Sad to see one artist destroy another artist's work
Suggests Charlie:
People with money got offended and money talks?
Notes Gordon:
The fact that a Denver OG got covered for speaking cold hard truths shows the wimps that are in charge of shit in that cesspool RiNo are too sensitive to run anything
Adds Jennifer:
Maybe they’d like it better if people organize protests and walk up and down Larimer from about Park Avenue to  29th and YELL AT THE GENTRIFIERS while they all eat outside....
But Hector counters:
JOLT is part of gentrification.
And Dave concludes:
Please re-paint it or something similar. Don't let the assholes win.
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