Robert Jadin's "Venomous Snakes" slithers into CU's Museum of Natural History

Slither up to Boulder tonight to hear herpetologist Robert Jadin lecture on "Venomous Snakes," including a new breed of pit-viper snakes belonging to the genus crotalus. "Many different biodiversities exist and have yet to be discovered," he says. Earth has just as much to be discovered on the surface as in the ocean."

Jadin has always been interested in snakes, and says he has no fear of them. But he confesses to being afraid of large felines and mammals, having encountered a growling jaguar during his studies in Peru.

Jadin started to study snakes officially back in 2003. "I look forward to finding out more about these fascinating animals," he says. "My plans after graduating with a Ph.D. are to work as a university professor where I can continue teaching about amphibian and reptile biodiversity, evolution and conservation."

He will be discussing his latest findings, a new genus of pit-vipers, along with four more species during "Venomous Snakes," his lecture that starts at 7 p.m. tonight at the University of Colorado's Museum of Natural History in Boulder. For more information, visit

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