Roller Derby at the Colorado State Fair: Pueblo's Jailhouse Jawbreakers vs. Rocky Mountain Roller Girls

Roller derby fans and skaters are celebrating

the sport's 75th anniversary

this month, and tomorrow marks a return to the derby's fairgrounds roots: Tomorrow, the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls are headed to Pueblo to kick off the

Colorado State Fair

, skating against Pueblo's Jailhouse Jawbreakers at the State Fair Events Center. The doubleheader bill also includes the Renegade Rollers vs. the High City Derby Divas. The Jailhouse Jawbreakers and the Renegade Rollers are part of

Pueblo's Derby Devil Dollz

, an apprentice league in the

Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)

that both the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls and the Denver Roller Dolls belong to.

I've been keeping a running list of my favorite noms de derby and just added some good ones after checking out the Jailhouse Jawbreakers' roster: On Friday the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls will have to contend with the likes of Mary Pop 'Em, Joan CuSmack, Britney Shearz, and Jamie Foxx U Up.

The bouts get underway at the State Fair Events Center at 6:30pm. Make a smash-em-up weekend of it and stick around for the monster truck rally (Saturday, 1 p.m.) and the demolition derby (Saturday, 7:30 p.m.), along with the usual State Fair fare.

The Rocky Mountain Roller Girls' next home bout is on September 25 at the Bladium, where they'll hold their home team championships: Sugar Kill Gang vs. Red Ridin' Hoods.

To get a piece of the action for yourself, check out the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls Boot Camp next month, September 11 and 12 (see flier below).

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