Roller derby: See cover girl Dr. Bang Bang in action on Saturday at the 1STBANK Center

This week's cover story, "Paging Doctor Bang Bang," recounts the medical adventures of Denver Roller Dolls skater Kimmy Kimmy Bang Bang, a foot-and-ankle surgeon known professionally as Dr. Kim Wilms. The 32-year-old is the league's unofficial in-house doctor, assisting skaters with the sprains and bruises that come with playing the fast-paced contact sport. Over the past two years, she's also operated on several skaters' broken ankles. (For gruesome photos of said injuries, check our Latest Word blog.)

To see Dr. Bang Bang in action, look no further than the 1STBANK Center on Saturday.

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At 7 p.m., four of the Roller Dolls' five home teams will battle it out on the track. The teams include the Green Barrettes, the Electrocuties, the Orange Crushers and the Bad Apples, of which Wilms is a member. The Shotgun Betties will not be skating on Saturday.

Ticket prices start at $17 in advance and $22 the day of the bout. Get 'em now!

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