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Ron Miles and Janet Feder play in support of Mission Supports this Sunday at Dazzle

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The record-breaking heat Colorado is experiencing are effecting everyone this season, but Mission Supports founder Arnie Swenson really sees it in his clients. As head of a non-profit that supports adults with intellectual and mental disabilities, Swenson knows the stress that many of these people are under without proper care -- and often without the financial means for proper care.

On Sunday, July 8 at Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge, Mission Supports will get a little help from its friends: world-renowned improvisational trumpet player Ron Miles and guitarist Janet Feder, when they share their music to raise money and awareness.

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"I think about people on the Medicaid waiver waiting list living with respiratory issues and cerebral palsy dealing with the fire, and whatever else has gone wrong," says Swenson. "Those issues and things like family dynamics are only heightened by the heat."

Mission Supports is a multifaceted organization that works with intellectually disabled adults and their families in both simple and complex ways. Some people may just need assistance reading important mail, while others may need more involved care, job training and just access to life's necessities. "Last night, I delivered a mattress to a man with skin cancer who has been sleeping on a box spring for three years," Swenson says, offering quick insight into his day-to-day work with the advocacy group.

Sunday night's event brings Swenson's old friend Ron Miles to the stage, along with musicians Dave Devine, Corbin Jones and Josh Moore. Guitarist and composer Janet Feder will be joined by Amy Shelley.

Admission is only $10, which all goes to helping Mission Supports help its clients. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with a silent auction, along with the Mission Market -- a pop-up shop that rotates with art, music and other donations at each event -- that will be selling Ron Miles's first record, Distance for Safety; an album from one of Swenson's own projects, Big Foot Torso; and more music. The "musician's thrift store" will also be up and running, with Swenson selling donated music and sound equipment to benefit the organization.

Buy tickets in advance through Dazzle, or at the door. For more information on Sunday's event, go to the Mission Supports fundraiser event page, or the organization's website.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.