Rope swing fail: Your moment of lulz

Ah, those halcyon days of summer: relaxing on lounge chairs, guzzling cold beers, loping on down to the swimming hole and taking a swing on the rope that ends in mild bodily harm and humiliating failure -- the good times. Since heavy day-drinking in an integral part of any summer experience, it's likely you'll be sustaining some type of dumb injury during these coming months of long days and warm temperatures, but we're here to help you avoid at least one on the swing: Here's an excellent example of why it's important to keep those knees up.

Man, it's a good thing "the only one of us that's closest to a nurse" was there, whatever that means, because this chick slaps into the beach like a wet sack of baloney. She folds like a spent paper boat in a rainstorm. I'm saying she lands that trick with the grace of an airborne ham. She eases into that shoreline like a submarine made out of discarded limbs.

Alright, we're stretching this one, but there is a moral to this story: Jk there is no moral to this story. Maybe aim for the dude with the yellow pail? His pecs look like an excellent cushion.

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