RTD art: Wopo Holup at the Orchard station

As a strong believer in public art and public transportation, Wopo Holup is proud to have a piece of her art decorate the Orchard light-rail station. And after hearing what Holup has to say about "Orchard Memory," you'll definitely want to make a stop to see this shiny bird.

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Westword: Where are you from? Where do you reside now?

Wopo Holup: I was born in San Diego, California, and attended the SanFrancisco Art Institute and Mills College in Oakland for my graduate work. I now live in New York City half the year and the other half in the Colorado foothills near Lyons.

How did your collaboration with RTD come about?

I responded to a RFQ (request for quotation) and as a finalist met with other finalists at the Orchard station site. I made a presentation and was awarded the commission.

How did you come up with the Idea for this piece?

A history of the site talked about the huge orchards that were once here. This led to ideas of stamped concrete walkways with over-large (remembered) apple leaves and small, life-sized Western bluebirds roosting on the fenceposts.

What or who inspired this piece? And how?

A history of the area. And watching Western bluebirds at our house close to Lyons.

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When people are on their daily journey and walk past your work, what do you hope they are thinking and feeling? The subtle stainless steel birds on the fenceposts are a high polish. They flicker as one rides by. I would like people to think about the natural history of the site.

How do you feel about public transportation?

Public transportation is the greatest. I ride the MTA's subway trains every day when in New York. I hope for rapid transit up to Lyons or at least Longmont soon.

What is your favorite piece of public art?

The Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor.

Visit Wopo Holup's website to see more of her work.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.