Ryan Alexander Creative Launches Local Lounge To Highlight Denver Fashion

The inner circle of Denver's fashion scene turned out Thursday for Local Lounge, a networking event hosted by Ryan Alexander Creative that was intended to showcase some of Denver's fashion designers to the media and to each other.

"We started this event is to bring awareness to Denver's weird underground fashion scene that nobody knows about, but it is definitely here," says Ryan Alexander, the principal founder and creator of Ryan Alexander Creative.

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This is Alexander's debut fashion event in Denver. "My background before I started RAC was in high-fashion PR. My parents live in Denver so I started coming out here more and more. There are many people here that want that New York or LA exposure," he says of how he migrated to Denver from L.A.

"Denver has a unique street style," he adds. "They incorporate all of these different things and actually use local brands. This is a good opportunity to work with people who are on the forefront of getting exposure. They have the right idea, they just need the right tools and resources to make their dream happen. We are trying to work with small brands and people who are under the radar that the media does not know about, but hey have an awesome product."

"In LA we do a gifting boutique with celebrities. That is how this idea started. But that would not work in Denver. The culture is different here, it's not the right scene. So we organically reached out to local tastemakers, designers, and bloggers so we can connect everyone together. We will definitely do this again. We would like to do a Spring/Summer collection preview. This one is Fall/Winter," he says.

Participants includes Native Clutter, Neighbor Supply, Dose Apparel, Denver Fashion Truck, The Street Boutique, Zeal Optics, Salwa Owens and Blunt and Bold.

Alexander decided to collaborate with Denver Style magazine on the event because "we are both trying to elevate the fashion scene in Denver. Their staff is made of contributors, who are fashion bloggers in their own time. Our main goal is for people to make connections, we want to connect media, bloggers, buyers and designers. We want to be the mediator for that," says Alexander.

"There is more appreciation for fashion rather than judgement here. Denver is an awesome city and we are trying to expose the greatness that's here," he adds.

Visit RAC's website for more details and updates for future events.

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