Ryan Gosling holds baby, looks weird doing it

Our bad. We haven't checked our fave celeb website toofab.com in like, forever (that's the more chill, fashion-oriented baby of TMZ.com, the best website for non-information since Perez got skinny and boring). Late last week, this photo surfaced of Ryan Gosling holding a baby. No explanation as to who the baby was or who he belonged to, but it didn't seem to matter. The paparazzi snapshots clearly showed that the baby was, of course, cute, but Gosling just looked weird and pissed.

Ryan Gosling holds baby, looks weird doing it

Maybe it was his Metallica shirt, or perhaps his paint-splattered jeans that contrasted with the baby so much. But it also could have been due to the fact that whatever character he's playing in the film he's currently on the set of (that we'll probably never see) he's gone blonde for. And it looks bad. Almost as bad as those tattoos. Are they real? Whatever.

Hey, at least we didn't make you look at photos of Seal in a speedo.

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