Sandra Fettingis's Tell Me When You Hear Me Falling opens tonight

Sandra Fettingis has been creating art for over a decade. In her new series of sketches and 3-D wall sculptures, which debuts tonight at City, O' City, Fettingis says she "explores confusion in conversation and in life's agendas -- specifically, through the patterning and layering of the art."

The title of the show, Tell Me When You Hear Me Falling, was inspired by a Lykke Li lyric that the artist says she "could not shake," and consists of 23 new pieces made of wood, styrene and paint.

Parallelograms are a strong symbol in Fettingis's work, as well as in the jewelry she creates. "There is so much I like about the parallelogram," she says, "and I didn't even realize it till working with it for this show! I almost could have done an entire body of work merely made up of this awesome shape. I like that the parallelogram is balanced while having an edge to it, with its angled sides and long, straight top and bottom lines. It also fits together with itself really well, creating interesting shapes and spaces. I find it really elegant, edgy and unique."

Although her work comes off as minimalist, it is not easy to create; her pieces take anywhere from five to seventeen hours to install, according to Fettingis.

City, O' City will host a free opening reception for Tell Me When You Hear Me Falling tonight from 7 to 11 p.m.

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