Sara Century reveals friends and idols with her musician's portrait series, opening Saturday

Sara Century is everywhere: running her monthly freeform open mic, Baby Hair, with co-conspirator Erica Adams; playing solo and with various bands all over the city; and hawking tape rentals behind the counter at Video One. This Saturday, April 13, Century wears yet another hat, an artist's, as Hooked On Colfax hosts her Musician's Portrait Series, an opening of her latest collection of comics-twinged works of art.

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These particular pieces focus on musicians who inspire her -- from the internationally known to close friends. The series came about, in part, because Century was getting tired of drawing herself in her long-running comic New Girlfriend.

"(New Girlfriend) is about my ex-girlfriends and my bad dreams, and that's pretty fun, but it has taken a lot of introspection and self-evaluation, which is typically not my forte," she says. "I feel like I would like to be a voyeur again, at least for a little while. Since I am the main character in New Girlfriend, I want to draw any face in the world that isn't mine; I love comics, but I love most art forms, and I want to do a lot of other things with art. I have yet to do a series of portraits, so this is another thing checked off of my list."

Century also shares that being "obsessively interested in music" gave her a solid way to wrap her head around a completely different subject -- one that wasn't about her life directly.

"Everyone I drew is an interesting looking person -- from Johnny Rotten and Nina Simone to local musicians like Married In Berdichev and David Mead -- and represents a sort of fan girl urge to pay them some kind of tribute," Century says. "It presents a series of new challenges to me as an artist, disciplining myself in a different way, attempting to find ways of expressing very different facial features conveying intense emotions, different body language. The paintings aren't copies of photos -- they're just people that are so iconic to me that I can remember their facial features and general dress sense, so I paint them out."

Sara Century's Musician's Portrait Series opens at 6 p.m. at Hooked on Colfax, and is free to the public. Molly Growler of Growler Records will be spinning records for the night. Pieces run between $50 and $100; the show will hang at the coffee shop until May 10th. for more information, visit the opening's event page on Facebook.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.