Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga: Battle of the attention-grabbing sideshows

Sarah Palin: You Betcha!, Brit filmmaker Nick Broomfield's documentary-slash-hatchet job, opens today at the Denver Film Center.

In the film, Palin is seen as a polarizing, sideshow personality in the world of politics -- the equivalent of Lady Gaga in the realm of music. In the cage match for media attention, only one can win. Which will?

Followers: Palin's Flying Monkeys vs. Gaga's Little Monsters. Sarah Palin's rabid followers supposedly scammed Time's 100 Most Influential poll and have harassed everyone from journalists to small-town political candidates in Alaska with late-night phone calls and threats.

Gaga loves her Little Monsters and they love their Mother Monster. She got a tattoo of "Little Monsters" on her arm, and the Twitpic announced it had received over 5,000 comments, including more than a few Twitpic responses of fans' own "Little Monster" tattoos. Her recent ad for Google Chrome is all about her Monsters, too. Bonus: Oprah counts herself as a Little Monster.

Winner: Palin's Flying Monkeys -- as much as positivity and celebrating people for who they are is great and all, rumors about late-night death threats buzz louder.

Wardrobe faux-pas: Palin's fancy duds vs. Lady Gaga's meat dress.

When it was revealed that the Republican National Committee had dropped $150,000 to dress Sarah Palin and her family, people were a little peeved. Dropping $75,000 in a single Neiman Marcus trip was not how people thought they did it back home in Alaska.

At MTV's 2010 Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga's already outrageous outfits took a potentially pungent turn with the meat dress that eventually wound up in residence at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Winner: Gaga's meat dress -- she probably spent too much money for what was still giant slabs of animal flesh.

Parody: Tina Fey's Sarah Palin vs. Soldiers in Afghanistan dancing to Lady Gaga's "Telephone"

There are enough side-by-side comparison videos on YouTube for the curious to know that Tina Fey didn't have to stretch her source material very far for her iconic 2008 parodies. Nonetheless, they are so hilarious you forget that Palin was this-close to becoming Vice President.

Butch men in army fatigues, stationed in Afghanistan, dancing and lip-syncing to "Telephone." That action alone sounds like a YouTube hit in the making. With weird homoerotic overtones and disturbingly good dance moves, out of the thousands of Lady Gaga parodies out there, this stands out because hell, these are not the guys you're expecting to be listening to Lady Gaga.

Winner: Tina Fey's Palin -- it's all to Palin's credit that she's a parody unto herself, right?

Guest of honor: Sarah Palin's family at the announcement for her vice-presidential candidacy vs. Lady Gaga's sheep on UK's Jonathan Ross Show

Palin trotted out her entire (happy?) family while accepting the Republican nomination as vice president in 2008, including husband and champion snow-machine racer Todd and teen mom and future Dancing with the Stars contestant Bristol Palin.

Dressed in a mint green, little Bo Peep-meets-an-alien on the Upper East Side outfit, Lady Gaga appeared on the UK's Jonathan Ross Show with a sheep in hand. The wooly gift named Kevin was pretty adorable, but sadly under-utilized.

Winner: Gaga's sheep -- it's not nice to make fun of teen mothers.

Titles: Palin's political offices and pageants vs. Lady Gaga's music and fashion.

Sarah Palin was the youngest-ever Governor of Alaska and the first female to hold the title. In her earlier years, she came in third in the Miss Alaska pageant and won Miss Congeniality. Her talent was playing flute -- footage of which you can see in You Betcha!

Lady Gaga holds the record for most VMA nominations in a single year, with thirteen in 2010. She's also won quite a few of those and some Grammys, too. Perhaps more important, she got 2010's GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Music Artist and the Council of Fashion Designers of America Fashion Icon award in 2011.

Winner: Lady Gaga -- because if this is a battle for media attention supremacy, having the gays on your side is the way to go.

Overall winner: Lady Gaga

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