Say Yes to Love With Sri Prem Baba at Boulder’s Free International Spiritual Festival

“Love is my religion," says Sri Prem Baba. For decades Boulder has been a mecca for enlightened activities and spiritual awakenings, so it's no wonder that the renowned Brazilian spiritual master will be back in Boulder for Yes to Love, a donation-based, weeklong festival hosted by nonprofit Path of the Heart. 

Prem Baba means “father of love” — a fitting title, since the teacher spends most of his time in Brazil and India giving daily talks to help people transform their own lives through love and compassion. "He's a 49-year-old humanitarian whose mission in life is to assist mankind in moving from suffering to joy," explains Keith Fairmont, Path of the Heart's president. His one goal is "to really help people on their journeys through life."

The festival kicks off at 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 1 at the University of Colorado's newly renovated Glenn Miller Ballroom, with live new-age music and kirtan. After that, activities will run through July 8 at Swoon Art House, 4295 Broadway in Boulder, and include daily meditation, prayer, yoga and live music. Prem Baba will speak on an array of topics at nightly satsangs covering everything from relationships to the environment. Aside from an $80 intensive workshop on July 5, all events are free and open to the public.

“I think he understands that love should be our natural, true experience,” Fairmont says of Prem Baba. “He himself went through a transformation; he was on a trip in India and came across a teacher, and that teacher really opened his heart....[he]went through turmoil examining his life and what it was, and he was transformed.”

It’s an East-meets-West experience when Prem Baba’s in the house: He’s a master teacher of the ancient Sachcha lineage in India, and he focuses on building a bridge between spirituality and psychology. His most recent book, From Suffering to Joy: The Path of the Heart (published in 2013), guides readers toward happiness, and his upcoming Rocky Mountain conference will offer participants a taste of typical teachings. “Instead of going on a private retreat, our intention was gathering as many people as possible to hear his message,” Fairmont says.

Fairmont’s nonprofit was established in Boulder five years ago to share Prem Baba’s message and serve as a North American home for him. “We’re just a small group of people, and we’ll gather and either listen to a talk by Prem Baba or discuss one of his lessons,” Fairmont says. Path of the Heart also puts on a program called Map of Life, which features individual coaching sessions geared toward helping people identify negative repetitive habits. “Our goal,” says Fairmont, “is the same as Prem Baba’s: to awaken love everywhere.”

For more information on the upcoming spiritual festival, check out Path of the Heart’s website

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