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Science-fiction film: Are we on the cusp of a golden age?

Welcome to a new column called Geek Speak, in which we take on an aspect of geek culture each week.

Pacific Rim, a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters, is about to open in hundreds of theaters nationwide, released by a major studio and accompanied by a gigantic ad campaign. It's at least the fourth blockbuster sci-fi film this year, and if you count superhero fare as science fiction, then you can add two more. Throw in smaller releases and that number doubles. Between now and the end of the year, that number will double again, at least. That's no anomaly, either -- look back a few years and you'll find the same pattern. Science fiction movies are more mainstream than they have ever been, and there's no end in sight.

Even better, a surprising number of them are really fucking good.

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