Scorned Lovers show a heart-shaped, pinata-smashing success

Saturday night's

Scorned Lovers Art Show and Event

at the

Art Salon

was a revenge-laden success. The evening's anti-V-Day theme came through with humor (and minimal bitterness) as party-goers gathered around the low stage for some erotic poetry and selected excerpts from the

My Teenage Angst

diary readers.

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

players reenacted breakup text messages mined from the Internet and a mysterious and mustached Love Sultan read fortunes -- or misfortunes -- of those willing to hear some good old-fashioned ambiguous advice. For the Scorned Lovers more interested in interaction, the gorgeously decorated space offered plenty of nooks to sit and chat over cupcakes and wine, or play out revenge fantasies with a "Battered Hearts Shooting Gallery." The mini-range allowed anyone with a little anger to shoot at dangling cut-out hearts, penises and middle fingers with a foam ammunition gun.

A self-service "peep show" was hidden in the back of the gallery, where, behind sheer red curtains, peepers could look through holes cut in boxes to see, well, you had to be there. The piñata, too, was a big draw, getting several good strikes by some strong contestants before the heart-shaped paper sculpture burst to reveal taffy, hard candy and the like.

The night's finale came in the form of a performance by Day-Glo Poncho (a character who very much resembled "Fart Man", but with pants on). The strange, wig-wearing man lured the crowd outside of the warm and candied art space to a small entertainment ring set up on the concrete. But Day-Glo Poncho's anti-climactic performance left most people cold, since he just walked around with a lit "bomb" in his hands while screaming things at the audience.

Overall, though, the Scorned Lovers antics were fun, capturing the anti-Valentine's spirit in a non-pathetic way. If you missed this vindictive V-Day party and still want get lover's revenge, the Art Salon is hosting the Scorned Lovers Voodoo workshop and card-making class at 7 p.m. tomorrow, February 14. Seats at the adults-only gathering are $40, and the space is BYOB.

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