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Scottie Ewing and Sugar House back in town for the one-night-only Crimson Ball?

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The "original" Sugar House is back for one night only -- or so says an advertisement posted on Kasidie.com (tagline "Sexually Social..."), a website for swingers that offers member profiles, chat rooms and swinger party listings. Tomorrow's Crimson Ball is being promoted as the latter -- and the ads make another promise, too: the presence of Scottie Ewing, the pro skier-turned-pimp who opened the swinger-friendly (and now closed) Sugar House in a former boat-repair shop at 1395 West Alameda Avenue in 2007.

Ewing has kept a low profile since June 2011, when he was revealed to be the source of a rumor that then-newly elected Mayor Michael Hancock was once a client of Denver Players, a prostitution business Ewing once owned. When the feds came after the business, also known as Denver Sugar, for tax evasion, Ewing agreed to testify against one-time madam Brenda Stewart, to whom he'd sold the business in 2005. Ewing cut a deal with federal prosecutors and was sentenced to six months of home detention.

In October 2011, Westword reported that Ewing was planning a move to Las Vegas, to open a Sugar House there.

But advertisements for the Crimson Ball suggest he's in Denver -- at least for a night. "The original owner Scottie who created Denver's only legal swingers nightclub is returning for One Sexy Evening of Classy Debauchery..." says one ad.

Another proclaims, "The Original Sugar House is back. (Yes, with Scottie)."

We reached out to Ewing, but haven't heard back. The ads don't say where the party will take place, but the Sugar House is a good bet. Although the Sugar House lost its liquor license back in May, city rules dictate that licenses aren't required for private parties that don't charge for booze.

And even if there's no red wine, there will be plenty of other red things. The ads include a list: "Red Dresses, Red Lipstick, Red Shoes, Red Shirts, Red Lingerie..."

Could the color scheme be a dig at the Scarlet Ranch, a swingers club that moved last year from its location in Denver to the former Northwoods Inn steakhouse? Owner Kendall Seifert doubts it. "Oh, I don't know," he says of the possibility that Ewing named his party the Crimson Ball to annoy him. "I don't think he's that smart."

"I don't why he's coming back to town," he adds. "It was nice and quiet while he was gone."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.