Scottie Ewing on Finca Bellavista: "Right On"

There's no denying that what Crested Butte couple Erica and Mateo Hogan is doing in Costa Rica is pretty cool: Spurred by their love of the rain forest, they bought up some 300 acres of it and created a fully sustainable Swiss Family Robinson-style tree-house community complete with zip-lines and high-speed internet. It's so cool, in fact, that it even gets a ringing endorsement via our comments section from Scottie Ewing, everyone's favorite tax-evading real-life Deuce Bigalow, who also manages a little dig at Westword while he's at it.

Right on Matt & Erica...despite the Westword's lack of journalism skills, it's great to see you guys gaining more and more attention which will ultimately assist in attaining your completed goal.

And right on to you, Scottie Ewing. How's that house arrest coming along?

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