Season of the Witch is this week's most ridiculous trailer

If you think about it, the tropes of action movies are inherently pretty absurd. The quick cuts, the fetish for stony masculinity, the one-liners; watching even a good action movie is more or less akin to watching ninety minutes of a guy filling balloons with sweat, and then when he throws them, they somehow spectacularly explode -- that is to say, entertaining, but also repetitive and sort of baffling. Add period costumes and Nicolas Cage to that mix, and friend, you've got a recipe for serious ridiculousness.

Right off the bat, you know this shit's about to be silly, almost purely on the basis that Nic Cage is in it, and also because (not counting the opening production credits) the trailer maintains an average of about two cuts per second throughout. Fact: If you added four more cuts to this trailer, it would cause your eyeballs to bleed.

For that reason, it's hard to really single out any specific scene in this trailer for maximum ridiculousness; no one scene lasts more than about a second in a half. But it's not really necessary to single out one thing, either, because pretty much every shot brings its own special moment of preposterous excess, and when the nu-metal kicks in at about 1:20, there can be no doubt of three things: 1) Nic Cage's facial hair will change a lot in this movie; 2) Nic Cage is also prepared to do battle; and 3) Everyone is going to need more holy water. Or maybe just a shower.

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Jef Otte
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