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See PeaceJam film The Mayan Renaissance on the big screen

At tonight's installment of the Denver Film Society's Women + Film series, PeaceJam's Dawn Engle will be the woman, and The Mayan Renaissance will be the film. This fastidious and lovely history of Mayan civilization and culture fast-forwards into the present, as it is seen by Nobel laureate (and PeaceJam star) Rigoberta Menchu Tum, another woman of note; it's the first in a collection that Engle and Ivan Suvanjieff, her partner in PeaceJam and in life, hope to produce in the coming years.

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The Mayan story told in the film is not always pretty, but it ends on a note of hope hanging on the true meaning of the Mayan Prophecy that many have interpreted as an end-of-the-world prediction. Menchu Tum's forecast, on the other hand, is a positive one, which augurs a more promising future.

See the film and then join Engle in a discussion of what lies ahead for the Mayan people at the Denver FilmCenter tonight at 7 p.m.; for information and tickets, $12 to $15, visit the DFS online.

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