Seven women complete a stupidly-long trek to the South Pole

Three days in to the 38-day trek and one of the women had already dropped out. Her hands were frostbitten. She couldn't continue. The seven other women labored on, and on the last day of 2009 they completed their 562-mile cross country ski journey through blizzards, 80 mph winds, and negative 42-degree temperatures. They were at the South Pole.

Seven women from Brunei, Cyprus, Ghana, India, New Zealand, Singapore and Britain made the trip across Antarctica, skiing 15 miles a day carrying 176-pound sleds, to mark the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth--a collection of 54 countries that work toward shared goals in democracy and development.

It was an impressive journey to say the least. Here's what some of the women had to say about the trip in an Associated Press article.

"I'm incredibly proud of the team and I think ... if we can do this then you can do anything that you like to and that's the message that we really want to send to everyone," team leader Felicity Aston said in a message from South Pole Thursday.

For more on the stupidly-long trek, read the rest of the Associated Press article.

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