The countdown has begun. Only seven days until the most anticipated movie of the year for people with breasts opens in theaters. I’m talking about Sex and the City: The Movie people, and if you say you don’t care you are a liar. I’ll be the one standing in line with a flask full of Cosmos, an obnoxious hat, heels that are too high and calling my boyfriend -- who will actually be as far away from me as humanly possible that night -- “Mr. Big.” But my girls will be by my side, the fellow fans who can watch every episode 40 times and still laugh or cry and justify their spending habits by saying “Carrie chose Manolos over buying a condo.”

Denver as a whole is celebrating the movie by hosting all kinds of events leading up to the opening. Last night, I actually left the city limits with some friends to attend a Sex and the City party at Pampered Passions, a fine lingerie store in Park Meadows. They carry beautiful pieces and the staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their products. I know this because when I picked up the Bracli pearl thong that Samantha made famous by running up stairs in it, the manager explained exactly how the thing works. The only words I really heard were “goodies” and “intercourse” but I think I got the picture. If I didn’t have to pay my phone bill, that thong would be my new best friend.

It doesn’t matter if you are a funky Carrie, a sexy Samantha, a sensible Miranda or a classic Charlotte -- there is something perfect for everyone at this store. I did realize something about myself though. As much as I love lingerie and what each of these fictional women represent, I was most excited by the flesh colored one piece bodysuit Spanx…which is why I live in Denver and not New York City.

- Rossy Kay

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