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Sexy Data, Smokey the Bear, and Mental Orgasms at Ignite Boulder 13

Running out of ideas to geek on? Fear not. The 13th installment of Ignite Boulder showcased the unique perspectives of fourteen local geeks who want nothing more than for you to hear their ideas. Equipped with twenty slides, presenters were allotted five minutes to deliver their views on topics ranging from the possibility of reaching sexual climax simply through stimulating conversation to the odds that James Bond has probably contracted an STD of some kind from having sex with over 88 women in twelve countries. With MC Ef Rodriguez fronting the show, Ignite exploded all night with roars of laughter, told-ya-so's and a round of applause for the Boulder Emergency Response team.
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Britt Chester is a writer and video producer living in Denver, Colorado. He's covered breaking news, music, arts and cannabis for Westword since 2010. His work has appeared in GQ Magazine, Village Voice, YES! Weekly, Inman News and the Winston-Salem Journal. He likes running, cycling, and interviewing people.
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