Shaun White bashes brain, wins third title anyway

Nobody ever said snowboarders need brains to win, but Shaun White gives us new, compelling scientific evidence to back this up. On a practice run Friday in Aspen, he mistimed his most difficult trick (a 1260 Double McTwist -- anybody want to translate that from Riderese?) and smacked his skull on the edge of the superpipe. Ooof.

Check out the neck-snapping footage:

That's not event he best part:

After his skull-rattling crash, ESPN doctors cleared him to continue, and he went on to win his third consecutive X-Games title in the superpipe competition.

I don't know what's crazier -- that, or the fact that ESPN employs doctors. Either way, kudos to the Flying Tomato. You're approaching Tiger Woods-like dominance in your sport, so don't blow it by going and getting married. It'll only make things worse.

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