Shaun White 'stomps the shit out of it' at the Olympics

Any subsequent broadcasts of Shaun White's victory lap in the Men's Halfpipe Finals from Vancouver will assuredly be bleeped out, but anyone watching live last night heard the final instructions from coach Bud Keane:

"Drop a double Mc at the end, do whatever you want and freakin' send that thing. Make sure you stomp the shit out of it."

Today the blogs are alight with the news - Keane also dropped a couple of "way to fucking go" F-bombs elsewhere in his congratulatory pep talk - and NBC is probably reevaluating its decision to broadcast the event live, but the fact remains: Shaun White did indeed stomp the shit out of it, and the double cork 1260 double McTwist with extra tomato - White's calling it the Tomahawk - is now officially in the Olympic history books.

NBC has a cleaned up video and report from last night here. For the uncensored celebration from the top of the pipe, check out Gawker's Why NBC Really Hates Live Olympics Coverage

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Colin Bane
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