Shear Genius faces its final cut next week

OMG DID YOU SEE SHEAR GENIUS THIS WEEK? Walk into any salon and that’s what you will hear. Not as hooked on it as every stylist in Denver? Well, get it together! What Project Runway did for Fashion, Shear Genius is doing for hairstyling. The show is almost at its end, and next week is the final episode. I know I will be parked in front of my TV next Wednesday night to find out if Denver’s own Charlie Price, a well known stylist and owner of Click Salon in Cherry Creek, is in fact a Shear Genius.

In case you missed it, this week we had Nicole, Daniel, Dee, and Charlie left. Their challenge was to get to know their clients and give them a style to reflect their personalities with guest judge and well known celeb stylist Jose Eber. The twist -- they had an identical twin to style as well. Whoo! Look out! The challenge winner gained immunity and a guaranteed spot in the top three. The winner was Nicole, the cute and bubbly stylist. The challenge was entertaining but I could not stop staring at the gigantic cold sore on Daniel’s lip. Did you bump your lip on a biscuit? Or were there some extracurricular activities going on that the Bravo cameras missed?

I love that Nicole won the short cut challenge. It sent the bitchy (but loveable) Charlie on one of his little hissies. Love it! Charlie did, however, prove his shear genius in the elimination challenge. It was an avant garde photo shoot with photographer Michael Grecco. Apparently the stylists need to pick up a dictionary and look up the meaning of avant garde. I thought all the hair styles were really pretty but, as Daniel found out, they were not at all what the photographer wanted.

Poor sweet southern bell Daniel. They “misted” his model for the shoot, but he had the best little comment about it. “They hosed that bitch down like she was on fire!” Classic! But, in the end he had his final cut. So, tune in next week for the battle between Nicole, Dee (who should have gone home), and Charlie. God, I hope there's a cat fight.

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Aubrey Shoe
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