Shell Game

Today’s Tour de Coops — unlike, say, the Tour de Franzia or the Tour de Flex — is exactly what it sounds like: a tour of chicken coops. Okay, not exactly. It’s also a tour of bees, goats and culinary gardens in Boulder. But hens (and their houses, of course) are the main attraction. “It’ll be an opportunity for people to see some of this going on, even in their own neighborhoods,” says Michael Brownlee, a catalyst for Transition Colorado.

“It allows people to see what’s possible,” Brownlee adds. “They can see how rewarding it is, and they can begin to connect with the community of people who are involved in all of this. For many, that’s the greatest reward of all: rediscovering community. It’s really part of what we think of as a local food and farming revolution that’s unfolding very quietly in our midst here.”

The self-guided tour of nearly twenty Boulder back yards is the final event of Transition Colorado’s eight-day Eat Local! Week. Yards are open for the peeking between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Get more information (and a complete list of addresses) at or by calling 303-494-1521.
Sat., Sept. 4, 2-5 p.m., 2010

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Drew Bixby