Shelly Coffman's beauty line, Poppy Drops, helps kids grow up -- but not too quickly

So, you've got a kid, huh? Whether it's your own rambunctious preschooler or the bratty nephew you've been charged with keeping alive for the next five hours, the most important thing is leaving your house where valuables are liable to be destroyed and seeking refuge on somebody else's property. In this series, we'll be exploring fun, local, and quirky spots that are kid-tastic and adult-friendly, too.

Spend an afternoon with my eight-year-old neighbor, and you'll quickly see that with some little ones, any attempts to ban glitz and glam are futile. Enter Poppy Drops, Creative Child Magazine 2013 Product of the Year, the cutesy new beauty brand that lets spunky kiddos be their wonderful, unique selves by indulging their affinity for grown-up accessories in a safe and age-appropriate fashion. The idea was born when Poppy Drops creator Shelly Coffman, class-action litigator turned mom-trepreneur, wanted to provide her daughter with a harmless alternative to that permanent -- and often painful! -- rite of passage known as pierced ears. Fashioning temporary tattoo earrings, Coffman paved the way for her current line of trendy, temporary and wonderfully glamorous gear.

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"My primary goal was to create products that were first and foremost safe, and second, very easy," Denver-based Coffman says. All products are designed with natural ingredients and are manufactured right here in the USA, mostly in California, New York and Colorado, where packaging is made and all the parts are assembled. "Because of what's being put into the products and because they are being put on children's skin, we thought it was important to have a close handle on where and how they were being made," she explains.

Unlike run-of-the-mill, temporary tattoos, ones comprised of chemical ingredients like PPD and Black Henna, Coffman's products rely on 100 percent food-grade vegetable dyes, and are FDA-approved and certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for use by children.

Since launching her flagship temporary tattoo earrings in 2011, Coffman has expanded the brand with the goal of creating other practical products for families, including tattoo nail art and perfume sticks made with three all-natural ingredients (coconut oil, beeswax and natural, fragrant oil. The company plans to launch several new products later this summer for the 2015 retail cycle. T the additions are top secret for now, but "are along the same lines of natural and age-appropriate accessories and beauty products for kids," Coffman notes. Coffman's contribution to local children doesn't end with beauty products. While she's technically left the legal world, this philanthropic momma still serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate in the Denver-metro area, where she speaks out for children living in abusive and neglected situations. "It's important because, as a mother of three, I feel strongly about helping children whose lives and childhoods are being spent quickly," Coffman says. "If a child is in a bad situation, it needs to be dealt with, and CASA does a great job of getting it dealt with as quickly as possible."

For more information on Poppy Drops or to order your own glam gear, visit the Poppy Drops website.

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