Shit Girls in Denver Say is funny and shows the trend won't die

The latest local version of the Shit Girls Say viral video trend is "Shit Girls in Denver Say," starring Erin Streets, a 25-year-old fashion designer and stylist who utters cliches and catch phrases for a good three minutes. It's funny. Watch the video below and read Street's reaction to its relative popularity (16,000 views and counting, since it was published Thursday).

Westword: Who filmed this video?

Erin Streets: Rene Burgos shot it. He has a phenomenal eye for film and has other work on his Vimeo account.

Who wrote it?

I wrote it, though as I was developing a script, I had many ideas thrown at me by Lex Atencio, Chelsey Ann, Josh Schmitz and many a lady luck in Denver.

What has been you favorite YouTube comment on the video?

I love them all. The ones that crack me up the most, however, are the people that bicker back and forth with each other. I'm such an instigator.

Has anyone recognized you on the street?

If by "street," we're counting Facebook, then yes. Otherwise, no, definitely not.

Have you acted in anything else we would know?

I have acted in two other videos: Chanel for Men, directed by Rene Burgos, and "Back In Black," by Cobraconda with Ben Samples.

How long did it take you to film this video?

The filming was short and sweet, maybe eight hours in total. It was the editing that I wasn't sure I would survive: Four. Full. Days. First-timer here on Final Cut Pro.

Are there any plans for more videos or projects for you in the future?

I love acting. I hope there are many more projects to come.

Are you from Denver originally? If not, where are you from?

I'm originally from Jacksonville, Florida, but I moved to Colorado in high school, so I've been here a good amount of time.

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