SIA showcases new products, old ones with new twists and some local flavor

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As you may know by now, the SIA Trade show is not open to the public. But Westword was able to get in and get the scoop on some new products that are coming out this year. We got the techiest of the tech, the practical-est of the practical and local-est of the locals, an inside scoop on what you can expect at your local ski, snowboard or outdoor retailer. But be warned: Some of these products are, in fact, quite useful and are expected to make even the most discriminating gear-junkie moist in the loins. Click through, check 'em out. 10. Camtrol Free Shooting Tools Camtrol Free Shooting Tools showcases the Camtrol Grand for HDSLR shooters. This lil' guy holds every camera on the market and is fully adaptable for everything...even your iPhone. The multi-use and versatile tool offers so many different configurations, it makes shooting all extreme sports a very realistic practice and without the loss of stabilization. Shoulder mount, hand cam, double hand cam or even ground level viewing makes this piece a must have for any rising filmer. 9. Klymit Interia X-Frame Klymit displays one of their newest items, the Klymit Interia X-Frame, a sleeping pad for campers. This baby folds down to a modest nine-ounce, soda can-sized bundle. And it only takes three breaths to blow it up. Beats sleeping on the dirt, that's for sure. 8. Demon United pads With extreme sports, injury happens. That's why the homies at Demon United are doing their best to keep you out of the hospital and on the mountain. Check out this new set of pads with a fashionable zebra-print for the air-bound bro who can still rock saggy swagger. 7. Siege Audio headwrap headphones Well, it's safe to say that Skullcandy has totally rocked for the past three years in the snow sports industry, until the boys at Siege Audio stepped in. With nylon-wrapped wires and single-wire head wrap, the VOLTA retails at a mere $20. And it is loud. Really loud. 6. Recco locator beacon Avalanche dangers are everywhere in the backcountry. That's why Recco developed another way to get you out of the hot seat if you find yourself buried in the cold stuff. A small beacon attached to your jacket or pants alerts a receiver at search and rescue and can greatly raise your chances of survival. It's not the only method -- just another way to help you see another face shot. 5. Recon GPS Goggles Recon Instruments is one of those companies that pushes the limits of what we are capable of doing with technology. This year, along with Zeal Optics, Recon introduced the world's first GPS display in a goggle. In the bottom right corner of your goggle is a small display showing how fast you are going, geographical location, maximum speed, as well as keeping track of all your runs. This comes in handy should you find a secret stash of powder and feel the need to return. 4. Firehouse clothing Hot off the needle come these heady new hats from Firehouse. What started as a fun project turned into a whole business in creating these hand-made, wearable pieces of art. With a solid crew of crocheters, owners Erik Hansen and Ian Winters make these available, completely custom and made here in Colorado, for everyone to enjoy. No, it's not the most high-tech -- in fact, it's about as non-high-tech as possible. But they are new, fresh and ready to be put to the test in a Colorado winter. 3. DPS carbon-fiber ski Like riding big waves of powder that make your legs jello? Don't we all. That's why DPS developed a complete carbon-fiber ski with the most insane rocker camber on any ski. With minimal cleats in front of and behind the binding, this ski is made for one thing - deep powder domination. The cleats provide the necessary traction on packed snow, but this ski is for the real pow-pow enthusiast. 2. JammyPack Welcome to the new world of music. Sometimes, headphones are not an option, and for those cases, we bring you the JammyPack. Equipped with a small battery pack and auxiliary cord, the JammyPack allows you to enjoy your tunes with all your friends in a 10 foot radius. Additionally, the JammyPack offers a bicycle pack that hooks to the front of your stem, allowing everyone you pass by to listen to whatever it is that makes those legs pedal. 1. Backcountry Access Avalanche Airbag We've shown a lot of safety items here, and that's because you big mountain extremists are all about the risk. But you still want to live, and Backcountry Access gives you that extra edge in surviving a shifty snow slide. The rip cord on the side releases a compressed, incredibly durable, bright yellow balloon that makes getting slaughtered by an avalanche more like a fun float down the lazy river. Ok, that might be a little far-fetched, but it does keep you on top of the snow better than your little flailing arms, and helps a helicopter spot you from the sky. Backcountry Access wants you to be safe, even if you are throwing yourself down a steep pitch on the side of huge face.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.