Silhouettes set to win on America's Got Talent finale tonight

It was another great night for Denver's Silhouettes on America's Got Talent, as all three judges seemed to agree that America should vote for our favorite shadow dancers. Beset by technical difficulties, the group was forced to perform last. And we can't help but agree with judge Piers Morgan, who said that "the best was saved for last."

This was little comfort to audiences, however, who saw the live show cut short in the middle of the Silhouettes performance. Unable to view it in its totality before voting, many took to online message boards to vent their frustration. Others believed it put the Silhouettes at an advantage, as they may get a kind of sympathy vote for being the underdog. It is now possible to view their entire performance here and on the NBC website.

The season finale of the show is at 7 p.m.; it will be two hours long. Guest performers include Queen Latifah, Jackie Evancho, Tony Bennet and Def Leppard.

Dancing to Louis Armstrong's "wonderful World," the team gracefully began with a mother putting her child to bed. The child then pulls out four multi-colored balloons and proceeds to dream, her imagination running away with her as the song progresses. The shadows change into various wonders of the world, like the Eiffel Tower and a Japanese dojo, before a full-color photo is transposed over them on the huge screen. The effect was breathtaking. In the end the dancers tied it all back to a single word -- love -- before we once again saw the mother putting the child to bed.

This being week sixteen for the series, the competition is down to four acts: Silhouettes, LA's Team iLuminate, who do a similar, though also very different, light-and-dance routine, singer-songwriter Landau Eugene Murphey Jr, and teenage band POPLYFE. Denver's other contestant in the race, Lys Agnes, was eliminated after her performance of the Aerosmith classic "Dream On."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.