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Six Britney Spears music videos in time for Alamo Drafthouse's Sing-Along Dance Party

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"...Baby One More Time"

Says Keith Garcia: "Going back all the way to the beginning, '...Baby One More Time' just solidifies that era. No other music video solidifies an era of music like this video. Every other video by any other pop star or boy band or anything was just always trying to emulate the weird magic that was captured in that one. Britney's at school and it's almost time to leave and so she has a little homeroom fantasy in her last few minutes before the clock strikes 3:15 of doing a sexy dance down the hallway in her schoolgirl skirt and changing into gym clothes and leading everyone in kind of gymnastic cheers. It's super- simple. There's probably someone she's in love with, probably someone she's not. It's hard to tell because there are a lot of hot boys that roam around that video. But ultimately that's the thing: It's not about hey, I have a crush on this boy, it's man, I just wanna take over the school. And our hearts, as music video lovers."


"I would have to say that 'Sometimes,' also off of that first album, is a really great video because that one was actually really fun and incorporated a little bit of a romance into everything; they went to a pier. It really increased the caliber of Busby Berkeley-style musical numbers. There's a lot of above-camera shots with choreographed routines that evokes that bygone period of the '30s. That video's just a sweet little thing. Everyone's dressed in white, there are hearts everywhere, and our little Britney's still innocent."

"(You Drive Me) Crazy"

"When I first started to realize that Britney could turn it out a little bit, when she started testing the waters of being saucy, I always remember the video that they did for '(You Drive Me) Crazy' from the movie Drive Me Crazy. Britney's a waitress of some sort? She gets to bring out her old Mouseketeer Disney show training and just be a fun, bubblegum-snappin' waitress with Melissa Joan Hart, who was in that movie. All of a sudden it goes from 'We're crushing on these guys' to 'We're gonna show these guys what's what' and then there's a big old dance breakdown. Britney's still wearing some kind of crazy shiny pants, which I always enjoyed that Britney learned how to dance with pants, and then a little shiny half-top. I remember just kind of being like, ooh, Britney, you're getting sexy here. Ultimately the video's clunky, because it's one of those videos where they were like, well, we have to tie in this movie somehow, so let's leave some room for scenes from the movie and oh, look, here's the movie stars Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier. Let's just let them stand around and do things like scratch on a record in the DJ booth. That video's not 100 percent amazing, but I do know that when it does come on I definitely stop and watch it. If anything, only for the dancing."

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