Size Matters

SUN, 11/28

If the reception on your TV is as bad as the Broncos' performance against the Bengals, or if beer is costing too much at the sports bar, then 1896 Theater Gametime has the perfect remedy. Starting today, Broncos fans can see Jake Plummer pass that game-winning touchdown on a 103-square-inch screen for free.

"I've been a Broncos fan forever," says Richard Sanchez, the theater's founder. "I thought it would be fun to put the Broncos on a silver screen."

There are fifty seats on a slope, which should help Broncos fans see Rod Smith snag that winning pass. The simple layout of this primarily experimental-film theater and its comfortable reception room set 1896 apart from a United Artists or AMC movie house. Hot dogs, Coke, popcorn and movie-themed coffee drinks like the Marlon Brando are available. There's no beer for now, but a liquor license is a coming attraction of the locally owned venue.

As a University of Colorado film school graduate, Sanchez has always wanted to bring art flicks to the public. "This is my attempt to get people in and show them what 1896 is about," says Sanchez. "It's great to bridge the two worlds of football and fine-art film."

The Broncos become movie stars at 6:30 p.m. at 1896 Theater, 3822 Tennyson Street. For information, visit -- Richard Kellerhals

Pass the Gravity
Ride the Rails at Winter Park
SAT, 11/27

Skiers and snowboarders eager to give thanks to the gods of gravity have a chance to show their stuff today at the Winter Park/Shell Amateur Freeride Series Jiblits and Gravy Rail Jam.

"It's a super-supportive vibe, not overly competitive," says Winter Park's Bob Holme about the Freeride Series. "They're great events, whether it's someone's first competition or hundredth. Everybody's throwing down and just having a good time."

For the uninitiated who still believe "jibbing" is limited to the high seas, the event is a great opportunity to watch as skiers and snowboarders harness gravity -- not wind -- and grind, twist and flip around a course of rails in street-skateboarding style.

Beginning at 10 a.m., competitors ages ten and up will gorge on a buffet of iron obstacles on Upper Parkway. Seconds and thirds are encouraged; skiers and boarders can take several runs as their peers judge them. Entry costs are $25 to $35; call the Competition Center at 1-970-726-1590 for information.

And if there's more of a chance of the turkey carcass pulling a frontside 270 than you, one chairlift ride brings you to an ideal slopeside spectator spot. -- Shara Rutberg

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Richard Kellerhals
Shara Rutberg

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