Skye Gibson Designs takes fashion to new heights in Denver

Sherissa Gibson has joined the growing cadre of designers who are offering their interpretation of "fashion" in the Mile High City. Her designs for Skye Gibson Designs are created for the confident, sexy woman. We recently caught up with Gibson to talk about how she got into the business, the Denver fashion scene and her own idea of this city's style.

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Westword: Sherissa, tell us about yourself. Where are you from?

Sherissa Gibson: I grew up in Silverton and am a proud native of Colorado.

What is your take on the general state of fashion/style in Denver?

When I wasn't living in Denver and would come back to visit from other cities, I was always impressed and inspired by the bold, edgy style that I saw on people here. Denver seems uninfluenced by "trends," so people are able to organically develop their own individual fashion statement.

What are your thoughts about the Denver fashion community? What's good, what could be improved?

The fashion community seems to be on the rise in Denver right now, with things like Fashion Design Center opening, the Art Institute reintroducing the fashion program, and events like the Paper Fashion Show, which I participated in this year. I would love to see more events that allow people to express their own style through fashion, both participants and attendees.

How did you get into the design business?

I got my degree in graphic design at the Art Institute here in Denver. I moved to Seattle, where I worked as a web and graphic designer. After a few years I moved to Melbourne, Australia. I immediately became involved with the non-profit organization the Fashion Incubator, and had the opportunity to showcase my fashion designs in runway shows during multiple Fashion Week events. I then moved to Los Angeles, where I worked as a wardrobe stylist and assistant to interior designer Kelly Wearstler.

What type of person buys a Skye Gibson?

A woman who is confident and sexy. She has a contemporary, feminine style with a little bit of an edge. She wants a garment that was designed to actually fit her body instead of a pole.

If you could pick one famous person to wear one of your designs, who would that be?

It's awesome to see so many celebrities strutting their feminine bodies right now. I can definitely see Rihanna rocking the Baroq Jacket and Red Hummingbird skirt. Kate Upton has a figure that's a perfect fit for Skye Gibson, especially the Sister Bella Dress. Keep reading for more on Sky Gibson Designs. What advice would you give to people who would like to venture into the fashion business?

I have poured my soul into Skye Gibson because I am so passionate about wanting women to feel good about themselves and to have clothes that fit their feminine bodies. I would advise anyone to be passionate about whatever they do, be it fashion or something else.

Where can we purchase/find your designs?

They are available at www.skyegibson.com.

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