Sled-stealing dog: Your moment of lulz

If you watch The Dog Whisperer with even a fraction of the unhealthy frequency with which we do, you know that dog ownership is a power-struggle. In a dog pack, the alpha dog establishes dominance and, once established, rules. These are the same dramas that play out in human-dog relationships -- as in, you may technically own the dog, but if you don't establish yourself as the alpha, the dog ends up owning you.

And this kid gets owned.

In spite of that there is very little question of who the alpha is in this scenario, the humans involved don't really seem aware of it -- "that stupid dog," you say, camera person? More like

stupid like a fox

... or something. At any rate, this dog just outsmarted everybody in this video and came out looking like a badass, while this kid fell of his sled and screamed like a chump.

Yes, young man, you are right to hate that dog. As Yoda once observed, anger leads to fear, fear to hate -- and you must fear your master.

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