Snow magic: Wash your car and burn your skis to get the snow falling

In yesterday's Telluride Daily Planet, staff writer Ben Fornell tackled a story about snow-summoning rituals and hit on some of the biggies:

  1. Wear shorts and flip-flops to dare the pantheon of snow deities to retort with a blizzard.
  2. Light a time-tested, environmentally-unfriendly used-ski bonfire.
  3. Make a shrine involving Buddha and canned clams and whatever else you have on hand, then stroke it when you have the time.

At least one of these moves appears to have worked in Telluride, with eight inches of fresh on the ground as I type and predictions for another foot or two by Sunday.

But there's nothing of that magnitude on the I-70 corridor, one of the most parched regions in the entire state. Thus we might have to amp up our snow-positive superstitions a notch or two in order to goose winter into action.

Here are some additional ideas culled from the depths of the intertubes (and by all means, share your own snow-conjuring techniques in the comments):

  • Put a spoon under your pillow. Pilgrims did it. And no, there is no spoon fairy.
  • Buy a winter divination spell from e-witch.com.
  • Wash your car. And dump out your beer. Wait, nix that. second one Bring it to me. This tip is from Ski Utah after all.
  • Snow dance:
Or just follow the guidance of the lift operator Fornell interviewed for his Planet piece:

Liftie Jordan Bushouse is a big believer in the "Jinx" theory.

"The first rule of snow is you don't talk about snow," Bushouse said.

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