So that's how Etsy works! (infographic)

There are more than fifteen million Etsy members (sellers and buyers) across the globe, in more than 150 of the world's 196 countries. That's a lot of crap, yes, but it's also become a powerful business globally.

Of course, not everything made by a DIY'er on Etsy is good. Some of it is bad. And two out of three Etsy'ers are women, and about half of the total make less than $60,000 a year. See how far the site has come since its June 2005 launch with this graphic below, including an astounding 350 percent increase in holiday shopping from mobile devices. Why wait in line on Black Friday (you forgot about that, didn't you?) when you can buy DIY products on your phone? Exactly.

Catch up with Etsy with this infographic below.

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Created by: MBAOnline.com

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