Soul Revival

There’s nothing else quite like Cafe Nuba, and Denverites who’ve checked it out know just how lucky they are to have had the multicultural lovefest, grassroots “artivist” celebration, poetry slam and open mike to call our own. And though it’s not around as much as it used to be, the event is simply morphing, says Nuba wellspring Ashara Ekundayo. “I’ve decided we’re going to be more of a specialty event. I want it to become a partnership presentation pairing with different entities: We’ll do something with the Denver Art Museum, I’d like to do something for the Biennial — whatever gets us the most bang for our buck.”

But first, Cafe Nuba will kick off its birthday with a proper celebration, which comes in the shape of tonight’s Cafe Nuba 11-Year Anniversary Live Artwalk, a First Friday partnership with Denver Open Media and KGNU Community Radio, which will both be broadcasting part of the proceedings live throughout the evening. “It’s not really on purpose, but this year’s event is focused on performance art more than poetry,” Ekundayo says. “Our three big acts this time are all poets doing musical performance pieces. They’re taking their poetry to a higher level.” Those guest artists include some old friends: Ietef Hotep Vita and IsisSpkz, who appears with Soul Daddy and the BlackFyre Band; and some, like Adrean Molina and Aju, who are new. Later in the night, DJ Cavem will go old-school for the KGNU segment, which coincides with the station’s Dusty Grooves show.

Admission is free, and hanging out is encouraged; it all kicks off with a reception at 6 p.m. and continues until 11 p.m. at DOM, 700 Kalamath Street. Go to for details.
Fri., Feb. 5, 6-11 p.m., 2010

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