Sound engineer Mike Forest Sperandeo spotted at 18th and Champa streets

Sometimes people blend their surroundings to create their own fashion focal point. Mike Forest Sperandeo is one of these people, carving his own niche out of chaos and artistic inspiration. Keep reading to learn his style mantra, style icons and where he shops.

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Name: Mike Sperandeo.

Spotted at: 18th and Champa streets.

Profession: Sound engineer. My music project is Carrot Eater Music. We take elements of what you understand of music and use that to make pictures.

Favorite film: Donnie Darko and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The real-life action one.

2014 jam: Grimes's "Genesis" and Young Thug's "Danny Glover".

Style inspirations/icons: I like '80s goth and shaman looks. Drapery and Middle Eastern fashion. Contemporary goth is good. Industrial and drum and bass-music culture is cool. That culture pushes a certain fashion. My fashion is not truly mine because it's influenced by everyone around me. I mash up things that my friends wear and things I see on the Internet. Sometimes it's not a success and that's okay; maybe next time it will be.

Favorite accessory: Shoes. I love shoes. If you have good hair and good shoes, you can make shit up in the middle.

Favorite color: Black. But green is the new black.

Style mantra: It changes day to day. Every day I choose my mood with my clothes. My most common mantra is, "Is this clean?"

Shops at: H&M, Forever 21, Korean websites, thrift stores, fabric stores; I have made a couple of garments. I like to alter my own clothes with paneling or studs.

This baroque swatch turned back-patch is an example of the unique touches that Sperandeo adds to his clothes. Sperandeo's monster boots are from Fashion Nation on East 13th Avenue. "Denver needs to keep trying shit. In the next two years, the fashion scene will be better if we keep trying new things and developing," he says. "The relationship between technology, art and fashion is growing quickly and it may seem weird at first. Technology can be used as an art form; it doesn't have to be used for a consumeristic purpose."

Stay striking with your menswear, Denver, and you could be spotted next.

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