A piece from Annalee Shorr: Pattern Games.
A piece from Annalee Shorr: Pattern Games.
Spark Gallery

Spark Gallery Members Focus on Nature, Geometry and Repurposed Material

The intimate artist cooperative Spark Gallery is hosting three small solos.

Installed in the east side of the space is Lydia Brokaw: Life Here…but a Different Reality Over There, which is made up of sculptures employing natural materials that are sometimes altered, like the gold-painted milkweed pods used as elements in a bas-relief.

In the adjacent space is Annalee Schorr: Pattern Games — Plexiglas 2015 & 1985, and the sensibility here is very different, since geometry, rather than nature, is the guiding force. Thirty years ago, Schorr was part of the then-vibrant pattern-painting scene here. At the time, she created complex mathematical compositions on transparent sheets of acrylic — pieces that look very high-tech — before abandoning that formula for new approaches. But now she’s picked up where she left off, and the new work looks just like the old.

Finally, in the north gallery, is Remembering Leanna Hund, made up of the late artist’s fiber works, which are created from discarded materials that she repurposed. Hund was tragically killed when she was hit by a car last year.

Through August 23 at Spark Gallery, 900 Santa Fe Drive, 720-889-2200, sparkgallery.com.

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