Spice Racked

It's hard to imagine a film less likely to develop a cult following than Spice World. The 1997 film seems, on the surface, to be little more than a ninety-minute music video for a shallow pop group long since consigned to the dustbin of history and musty reunion tours. Indeed, many have dismissed it as exactly that. But in truth, it's a surreal, delirious and irresistible gem of a film, full of insane cameos, clever jokes and self-aware, if tongue-in-cheek, musings on the impermanence of fame.

The great cast includes Roger Moore, Richard O'Brien (of Rocky Horror Picture Show fame), Meatloaf and George Wendt (aka Norm on Cheers). The Spice Girls are in there, too, and, no, they can't act, but it hardly matters. They aren't really asked to; they just play the parts they'd been playing as pop stars on film, and somehow it all jells into a big, brash mess that constantly walks the thin line between clever and stupid and consistently ends up on the proper side.

See it tonight or tomorrow at midnight at the Esquire Theatre, 590 Downing Street; tickets are $7.25. For more information, visit www.landmarktheatres.com or call 303-352-1992.
Fri., Jan. 1; Sat., Jan. 2, 2010

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