"Spiritual Gangster Spelled Backwards," the second entry in "Week of a Woman" contest

For this second photo in my Colorado Mills "Week of a Woman" contest entry, I chose to highlight one of my greatest obsessions as a woman: working out. We spend millions of dollars on gyms, clothes to wear at gyms, and bags to carry our clothes that we wear at gyms -- because working out in an enclosed, air-conditioned space to get exercise definitely requires looking cute. Enter Spiritual Gangster, a clothing line designed for exactly that: looking cute while sweating. I am not a gangster in any sense of the word, and my spirituality flickers weakly, flaring up occasionally in my manic infatuation with the Virgin Mary. But that didn't stop me from buying this little racer-back tank top and then wearing it to to both a boxing and a yoga class the same day. This photo was taken post-yoga, pre-boxing. Meaning it didn't smell that bad. Yet.

And for the record, I don't do just any old yoga -- four to six days a a week, I take sixty- to ninety-minute classes in a 100-degree room. And my boxing class is equally legit, since it entails several rounds in the ring, jumping rope, the speed bag, jump-squats, lunges, wall-sits, sit-ups, crunches and running laps around downtown buildings for three hours a week.

Damn, maybe my workout does qualify as gangster.

Photos should be submitted to the Colorado Mills Flickr by October 12, and the best entries will be awarded $100 to $250 American Express gift cards. See my first photo entry here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.