St. Patrick's Day early birds at Keggs & Eggs.
St. Patrick's Day early birds at Keggs & Eggs.

Reader: As an Irish Immigrant, I'm Puzzled by Denver's St. Patrick's Day Parties

With March 17 falling on a Friday, Denver's St. Patrick's Day celebrations have already stretched a week, and people will be partying again through this weekend. But before you drink your next green beer, consider this message from Denverite Joseph O'Dea, an Irish immigrant:

As an Irish immigrant, I have been puzzled for years by the way Irish Americans celebrate Saint Patrick's Day (not Patty's Day, please). The playing of bagpipes and wearing of kilts are decidedly Scottish antics.

The Saint Patrick's Day parade was invented in the United States in 1762 and adopted in Ireland in 1903, and while Americans may still dress and make noise as they please, even under current management, to associate such shenanigans with Ireland looks very odd to these smiling Irish eyes.

Perhaps your readers can throw light on this mysterious Scotvestism, and the sadistic playing of alarming bagpipes that makes me feel like the famous wretch in the Edvard Munch painting.

Can you help Joseph out? Why do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? And will you be partying this weekend?

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