Stacking, Daytripper top our new release picks for this week, February 8

The beginning of February is kind of a lull in the new release schedule, but we've dug through the crap to find some truly exceptional stuff this week. In fact, there are some things we're truly excited about, especially Space Jam, which for whatever stupid reason we've held onto our love of. We know, it's idiotic, but we can't help but enjoy watching Bugs Bunny running around with Michael Jordan. 5. We, the Drowned by Carsten Jensen It's been a little while since we've got a massive, seafaring epic. Thankfully, Danish author Carsten Jensen is here to fill the void. We, the Drowned tells so many different tales and spans such a massive time range it's impossible to sum up what it's about in a few short sentences, but rest assured, if you've had an itching for a gigantic adventure novel filled with heroics, death, love and everything else, this one's for you. The novel spans 100 years and tells the story of a small Danish town and its inhabitants. Being an epic tale, the story offers plenty of talk of the political and the moral, but it never feels like too much, even though you're exposed to so many different characters throughout. 4. You Don't Know Jack (PS3, Wii, Xbox, DS) PC dorks from the '90s are going to instantly recognize the name You Don't Know Jack, but for everyone else in the world, know this: This was once the quintessential party and trivia game. Sure, there are a lot more choices out there these days, but we're hoping they had good reason to bring this series back to life. As long as it's chalk-full of offbeat, strange questions about a wide range of topics, we're sure we'll be happy. 3. Space Jam (DVD) Hell yeah, we're happy to see Space Jam finally getting a proper DVD release. The damn movie was out of print for so long we had to resort to watching bootleg VHS copies we found at the Goodwill. In case you're not in the know about this cultural gem, consider: Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, space basketball. If there is anything more awesome sounding in the entire universe, we've never heard of it. This one comes with a second disc, sure to be filled to the brim with making-of documentaries and fake interviews with the cast. 2. Daytripper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá Daytripper is essentially a story that looks at the possibilities of what would happen if you died on a given day. What if you died the day you fell in love? The day your child was born? Today? It's an interesting meditation on something we all fear and worry about and manages to convey its narrative in a unique and interesting way, slowly revealing its characters, plot and history, pushed along by beautiful artwork of Brazil's landscapes and cities spanning several decades. It's exceptional in every way, and it's a book you won't want to miss. 1. Stacking (Xbox Live, PSN) When Double Fine announced it would be forgoing big, triple-A releases, most fans of the studio best known for Psychonauts and Brütal Legend were a little hesitant to get excited. Then we all played Costume Quest, and those fears disappeared. The next release in the series of downloadable games looks to be no different. Stacking is a puzzle-adventure game starring a civilization of nesting dolls. Seeing as how it's from Double Fine, it's also full of the some of the best dialogue and humor you'll find in the genre, as well as puzzles with multiple solutions and modes of play.
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Thorin Klosowski
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