Standup, Meet Improv

Comic Deacon Gray thinks Denver could use a few more monthly alternative comedy shows, along with such ongoing fare as the Grawlix at the Bug Theatre and the Fine Gentleman's Club at Deer Pile. The folks at the Bug agreed, so they're teaming up tonight to introduce Text-a-Saurus, a new series with a twist. "It's kind of a hybrid show," Gray explains. Act one will feature scripted standup routines from a changing roster of guest comics, during which the audience can text, e-mail or tweet random topics to be covered in the second act. The twist? The comics, including Gray, won't know what topic they'll be riffing on until they reach the mike. "Of course, I'll want them all a little liquored up in the second act," he says, adding that all four comedians might punch up the ending with a big four-man jam.

The idea loosely follows that of the popular Los Angeles comedy show Set List. "The main difference in our show is that there's more audience participation," Gray says. "They have big-name comics like Dana Gould, but there the comics come up with the topics, and it sometimes gets a little insider. We have a smaller community, and I don't want to burn them out too quickly." Only time will tell which improvisers best deliver the on-the-spot funny, he adds.

Tonight's debut features some of Denver's best -- Adam Cayton-Holland, Chuck Roy and Sam Tallent -- and future guests will include a mixture of local and touring names: Catch it all tonight (and continuing every last Saturday of the month) at 8:30 p.m. at the Bug, 3654 Navajo Street. Admission is $10 and, as Gray contends, the show will be "done in time to go out and do other things." Visit www.bugtheatre.org or call 303-477-9984.
Sat., Dec. 29, 8:30 p.m., 2012

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.