Steet Style: Ka'uilani Sterling Sports a Winning Look in a Sea of Orange and Blue

Denver was a sea of orange and blue as a million people gathered downtown on Tuesday, February 9, to celebrate the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl 50 victory. While many super-fans sported official NFL jerseys, accessories and even face paint, a few people displayed their Broncos spirit in a more fashion-forward manner. We spotted Ka'uilani Sterling on the 16th Street Mall; she's originally from Oahu, Hawaii, but now lives in Colorado Springs. "I like to play gypsy and move around a bunch," says Sterling. Although she admits to not watching much football, she definitely knows how to pull together a winning look. Sterling is our Denver Broncos fashion MVP.

Even the soles of her creeper-style shoes are orange-and-white striped. "My shoes are from a Goodwill in West Hollywood and don't have any brand name on them," she says. "The jeans and the jacket are from the Goodwill in Colorado Springs, off Academy." 
Her adoration of the '70s was evident in her high-waisted flair jeans with orange stitching — perfect for the parade. "Retro is the new black," Sterling says. "I mean, retro is the new cool. Just like how people say pink is the new black." Keep reading for more of her fashion favorites:
Style inspirations and icons: "The 1970s."

Favorite color: "Lilac."

Favorite accessory: "Sunglasses."

Shops at: "Thrift stores."

Style mantra: A favorite quote of mine is, 'I don't do fashion; I am fashion.'"

While Denver was out in full force for the Broncos, only a few of the styles we spotted were winners. Sterling was definitely the MVP, channeling past decades with her vintage treasures and styling them in a modern way. 

Always style yourself with pride, Denver. 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.