Stick a Pick In It

“There weren’t many women out here on the ice twelve years ago, which is why I started all this in the first place,” says Kim Reynolds, the head chick behind the Chicks With Picks and Chicks Rock climbing clinics. “I like to think we’ve helped make ice climbing more approachable for women, and I know our clinics have had something to do with bringing more women into the sport.”

The 2011 Chicks With Picks clinics start this weekend at the Ouray Ice Park, about a six-hour drive from Denver, with class options running through February 1. The two- and three-day clinics start at $450 (“The Quickie”), with luxe options as high as $1,400 (“The Complete,” with a hotel room at Ouray’s Victorian Inn included). This year there are also advanced clinics (“The Graduate”) for Chicks With Picks alumni, but the emphasis is on getting first-timers on the ice.

“You can show up without any gear, without any experience whatsoever, and we’ll get you suited up head to toe in demo gear and send you out to learn from the best female guides there are,” says Reynolds. “Come out, get a great workout and a great winter adventure, and we’ll help you send your self-confidence climbing to new heights.” Register online at
Jan. 14-Feb. 1, 2011

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Colin Bane
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