Street art by Gamma Acosta shows support for Broncos

Gamma Acosta has stayed busy blurring the lines behind street art and fine art along the Front Range. And now he's showing his love for the Broncos and Peyton Manning with two new murals.

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Acosta is currently painting a two-story-high Manning, about to throw a touch-down pass (we assume), on the side of Monkey Barrel. He's doing the work free-hand, using only spray paint. Snow postponed the play yesterday, but he hopes to finish the work Wednesday. Acosta's first football mural extends Broncos nation into Longmont, where a large mural at 9th and Main street shows Manning, the iconic Broncos logo and the much-loved Mile High Stadium.

Have you seen any Broncos street art or great Bronco decor around town? Let us know in the comments section below.

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