Street Art: Do drugs? With your lady?

We are well aware that graffiti is not subject to the strict grammatical rules imposed on other art forms that, you know, involve words. But this proclamation found on the corner of Yale and University recently had us perplexed. Whoever scrawled these four choice, punctuationless words on a utility box surely didn't mean for it to be annoyingly examined by some dork with a camera phone, but here we are, and we're wondering: What does one mean by "smoke weed meth baby?"

It's possible that the "baby" in question is someone's significant other with a drug problem, and the artist meant to imply that one should "smoke weed, meth baby." Or maybe the writer was trying to say that one should do all of these things and "smoke weed, meth, baby. Meth Baby could be the signature, and "smoke weed" could be a statement. Or maybe it's the other way around. Maybe we're just thinking too hard about it. Or meth, baby.

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