Street cred: The Short, Sweet and Silent Film Festival seeks silent submissions

If you're at a loss for what to do with all that footage of villains roping damsels in distress to the railroad tracks, then take heart, my friend, because Short, Sweet and Silent: A Third-Floor Film Festival wants your silent film. In observance of Denver Arts Week (November 5-13), the Denver Pavilions is putting its giant, twenty-foot LED screen to artsy use, fitting the work of local filmmakers into its regular programming -- and since the screen, which is generally used for advertising, has no audio capability, the works need to "translate to an audience without sound." In order to get the most programming possible, the Pavilions has extended the submission deadline to the end of this week.

"You could have a trailer for Pixar or something, and then have your film right next to it," says Wendy Manning, Pavilions marketing director and festival organizer. "It gives you some street cred."

To beef up that cred, make sure your film fits within the required format of 368x208 and send it along to [email protected] Films should be between one and five minutes long. From there, sit back and profit, because the way Manning puts it, your chances of getting into the rotation look pretty good.

"I want as much content as I can get," she says.

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Jef Otte
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