Street Fashion: Amy Burkhardt in the Lower Highlands

Some people just stand out. Whether their style is cutting-edge, quirky or just well-executed, they make you want to know: How do they do it? Because we work for you, we're finding out. Each day, we'll hit the streets and talk to one person who catches our eye and makes us look twice. Today, we caught up with Amy Burkhardt, who paired a high-waisted tweed skirt with a simple green top for a look that was classic and sharp but not too fussy. Get her story after the jump. Name: Amy Burkhardt Occupation: Research analyst

Westword: Where do you get your fashion inspiration? Amy Burkhardt: I take a behavioral psychology approach to fashion, where if someone compliments me on a certain cut or style, I keep pursuing that. So I let positive reinforcement guide my style.

WW: Where do you like to shop? AB: I guess the better question is "where don't I like to shop?" And that's wherever the clothes are cheap. Anywhere the clothes are poorly constructed, or there's no initiative put into the design. I like clothes with integrity.

WW: What's your favorite article of clothing you own? AB: Some leg warmers I got in Peru.

WW: Why? AB: Because you can't get them here. And they keep my legs warm.

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Jef Otte
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